50 awesome resources that will make you a better marketer

As I’ve written about in previous posts, I’m a voracious reader and passionate lifelong learner. I LOVE learning new things, particularly about the ever changing world of business, marketing and social media.

50 awesome resources that will make you a better marketer

This epic list pulls together 50 awesome resources – inspiring marketing and writing books, podcasts, blogs and online programs which have helped to shape my current views about business, marketing, social media, platform building and writing. And they’re resources which, if you absorb and embrace, will undoubtedly make you a better marketer. Enjoy!

Marketing Books

Writing Books

* If you’re not already using Audible.com. I highly recommend listening to audio books, which give you the flexibility of being able to listen anywhere, and at any time.


Marketing Blogs

* If you’re not already using Feedly to aggregate all your blogs in one place, here’s a post about what it is and how to use it.

Online Programs

Which resources inspire you? Feel free to share your favourite marketing resources in the comments below.