Starting out in marketing? Here’s what you need to know

When I first started my business degree, I never envisaged that I’d end up in a career in marketing. In fact I stumbled into marketing after I did a few marketing electives, and I enjoyed them (infinitely) more than my economics and finance electives.

Starting out in marketing?

Fast forward to today, and I’m 15 years into my marketing career. Over that time I’ve worked in various specialist and generalist marketing and communications roles for large, small and startup companies. I’ve left corporate life a couple of times to start my own freelance and marketing consulting businesses, and I’ve lived and worked overseas.

While marketing is constantly changing, some things stay the same – or as the Cambodians like to say, “same same, but different.” If you’re just starting out in marketing, here are some of the things I wish I’d known at the start of my career.

10 of the best marketing and PR resources to boost your skills

As I wrote about in last week’s post, I truly believe that lifelong learning is one of the keys to driving success in your career.

10 of the best marketing and PR resources to boost your skills

Learning doesn’t need to be expensive, and there are some awesome free and relatively inexpensive marketing and PR resources available online that really will help you boost your skills in specific areas of marketing and PR. In this post, I share 10 of my favourites.

Why lifelong learning is so important for marketers

Lifelong learning is one of the ultimate gifts you can give yourself. In my opinion, there’s no other single activity that will have a greater impact on your marketing career, and your life, than being a lifelong learner.

Why lifelong learning is so important for marketers

Brian Tracy says: “Commit yourself to lifelong learning. The most valuable asset you’ll ever have is your mind and what you put into it.” Here’s why I believe lifelong learning is so important.

You heard it from: Diane S. Thieke, President of Simply Talk Media

Diane Thieke - Simply Talk MediaThe You heard it from series is where I delve into the collective wisdom of the business and marketing leaders in my global network. Whether I’ve worked with them or met them briefly in my travels, these people have influenced and inspired my career in some way, and generously provide their advice here, to help you get ahead.

This week’s guest is Diane S. Thieke, President of Simply Talk Media. Diane is a freelance writer and brand journalist. Simply Talk Media is a digital media company that creates and curates journalist-quality custom media that drives website traffic for brands.

How blogging will make you a better marketer

Wow! This is my tenth year of blogging, and Highflying Marketers is my fifth blog. To date, almost all of my blogging experience has come from writing for personal rather than corporate blogs, but the lessons learned have been invaluable. I’m certain that this experience has helped to me secure some of the awesome marketing roles I’ve had over the last ten years.

How blogging will make you a better marketer

I truly believe that the practice of regular, personal blogging makes you a better marketer, because it develops a number of key skills that will serve you in virtually any marketing or communications role. Here’s why: