Why I’ll be attending the next ProBlogger Training Event

A couple of weeks I ago, I attended Australia’s largest and longest running blogging event, ProBlogger Training Event 2015. Held at the RACQ Royal Pines resort on the Gold Coast, the 2-day event brought together high profile international and local speakers, and over 700 bloggers, to discuss how to grow and monetise our blogs and businesses.

Why I’ll be attending the next ProBlogger Training Event!

It was one of the most memorable, useful conferences I’ve ever been to. Based on my experience with this year’s ProBlogger experience, here’s why I’ll be attending the next Problogger Training Event. And the next…and the next…

How you can awaken the giant within with Anthony Robbins

One of the first personal development books I ever read, was Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins. Pumped after reading such an inspiring book, I followed in quick succession with Awaken the Giant Within, another book by Robbins.

Anthony Robbins - Awaken the Giant Within

Sourced from www.facebook.com/TonyRobbins/photos_stream

While it’s been more than 20 years since I first read Awaken the Giant Within, it was a pivotal book because it sent me on path of personal development that led to all sorts of discoveries about myself and human behaviour in general.

As marketers, the better we understand human behaviour, and what motivates people to do what they do, the better we can engage with them, and influence them to do what we would like them to do.

Banish procrastination and reclaim your day in 5 easy steps

I’d like to talk about the big dirty P word. Procrastination. That infuriating practice of delaying doing something until a later time because you do not want to do it.

Banish procrastination and reclaim your day

When procrastination about a specific task strikes, suddenly a million other things seems more interesting and fun to do. Throughout all my years of studying, I could tell procrastination was really kicking in when I started to reorganise my wardrobe or pantry. The more I procrastinated, the more immaculate my house became.

We can all be susceptible to procrastination, but as busy marketers, we simply can’t afford to let it take us off track. Let’s look at five ways to banish procrastination so you can reclaim your day and get the important stuff done.

Energise your morning routine to create a fantastic day

Late last year, I listened to an episode of Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income podcast where he interviewed Hal Elrod, author of the The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM).

Energise your morning routine

Hal spoke about his inspirational story and shared the structure of a morning routine he created to set himself up for an awesome day. Every day! Here’s an overview of the book and how you can energise your morning routine.

How marketers can find peace in a frantic day

I’ve yet to meet a marketer who does not spend most of their day multi-tasking, juggling at least 20 projects, burning the candle at both ends and generally running themselves ragged. Can you relate?

How marketers can find peace in a frantic day

Marketing roles at all levels can be full on – particularly in the lead up to big events, campaigns and projects. Here’s how you can find a little bit of peace in a frantic day!