A review of Hootsuite and Hootsuite University

Streamlining social media activities is a challenge for pretty much every marketer and blogger. The better you understand the range of tools available, and the pros and cons of each, the more informed recommendations you can make in whichever company you work for.

A review of Hootsuite and Hootsuite University

Over the years, I’ve tried a number of tools – they all continue to add new features and evolve, so it’s been worth keeping an eye on them. Lately, I’ve been delving deeply into Hootsuite – and here’s what I’ve found!

One simple tool and practice to improve your writing

About two weeks ago, I discovered a new tool that has me pumped about writing again. Not that I don’t enjoy writing – it’s what I do as a marketer and blogger much of the time. But I’m talking about the kind of writing where I get out of bed so early it’s still pitch black outside, sit down with a cuppa and bash out 750 words of unedited, uncensored blurb.

One simple tool and practice to improve your writing

750words.com is the name of this tool, and I’m getting addicted! It’s based on a concept in Julia Cameron’s best-selling book, The Artists’s Way, one of my all-time favourite books about writing. In the book, she discusses the importance of morning pages – that is, cultivating the habit of writing three pages every morning, of unedited, uncensored thoughts.

Read your way to a successful marketing career and life

I love reading! And as a marketer, I find that I need to keep reading to ensure I stay current. As well as news and blog posts, I read stacks of books. I aim to read at least a couple a month, or more if possible.

Read your way to marketing career success

Almost all of the experts, entrepreneurs and business leaders I listen to on podcasts (and whose material I read regularly), emphasise the importance of reading to their success.

Let’s talk about reading and how it really can drive success in your marketing career (and life).

12 tools, apps and resources to save you time and sanity

I admit it. I’m a tool junkie. I love the geekery that comes with reading reviews and trying out tools, apps and other resources which claim to make my life easier, more productive, more in control. They sell an organised, well-oiled utopia and I want it!


I am forever exploring tools to help me manage my professional and personal life. Or more to the point, I go through phases of exploration, then find and settle on a set of tools I love. This is the current list of tools, apps and resources I really love. The tools I recommend to everyone I speak with. The tools which my colleagues could rattle off if asked what I recommend.

I love these tools because they really do save me time (and my sanity) – and they may do the same for you!

What I loved about the Copyblogger Content Certification Program

I have been following Copyblogger for many years. I admire the way founder Brian Clark started his simple blog about creating awesome online content in 2009, and built it into a multi-million dollar content marketing empire that now offers software, online training and a stack of amazing content.

Copyblogger Content Certification Program

Late last year, when I got an email announcing the Copyblogger Content Certification program via Copyblogger Authority, it took me all of about two days to decide to sign up. I had been looking at other online content marketing online courses and certifications, but I particularly liked this program because it provided hours of tutorials and required an assessment of my work by the Copyblogger team. No pressure!