How marketers can find peace in a frantic day

I’ve yet to meet a marketer who does not spend most of their day multi-tasking, juggling at least 20 projects, burning the candle at both ends and generally running themselves ragged. Can you relate?

How marketers can find peace in a frantic day

Marketing roles at all levels can be full on – particularly in the lead up to big events, campaigns and projects. Here’s how you can find a little bit of peace in a frantic day!

I’ve just returned from a five-day retreat in the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland. Two things really struck me – how wonderful the moments of silence were, and how peaceful it was when I focused on my breathing.

Each day, the 25 other participants and I spent at least some time in silence – either meditating, bush walking or silently witnessing the sun break through the mist and over the hills.

The silence was amazing! I began to crave it even more, and it seemed so far away from the hustle and bustle of work; of phones constantly ringing; people stopping by my desk to discuss projects and the general commotion of an open plan office.

We were also reminded regularly throughout the retreat to focus on our breathing – and to take slow deep breaths. Whether it was mid-yoga pose, during an exercise session or while eating the wonderful fresh vegetarian meals, I felt the calming effect of becoming aware of my breathing and consciously slowing it down.

It struck me how little I focus on creating silence and monitoring my breathing at work!

Find peace by creating moments of silence

As I sat in the slow crawl of traffic on the way home, I resolved to create moments of silence during my day.

Two ways I am going to make this happen include:

  • Waking up early and starting my day in silence – meditation is an awesome, peaceful way to start the morning and can set you up for a great day. It might be the only bit of peace I get, but it’s better than nothing!
  • Getting up and away from my desk every hour, and walking to a quiet part of the office to spend even just a minute or two in silence. It might not be practical to do this every hour of every work day, but I am sure that creating little moments of silence when I can, will provide clarity and energy.

Don’t forget to breathe!

I also resolved to focus on my breathing throughout the day. Because breathing is automatic, it’s really easy to do it unconsciously.

Also, when we’re stressed, our breathing gets faster and more shallow, and we don’t take in as much oxygen. Have you ever been focussing on something so intently at work, and suddenly gasp for air, as you realise you’ve been holding your breath?

Taking a slow deep breath is very calming – this one is easy to do at any time through the day – we just have to remember to do it!

This technique can be useful before or after dealing with a stressful phone call, walking back to your desk from meetings, or during the silent moments I mentioned earlier.

These may seem like really simple concepts – almost too simple to warrant mentioning, but the retreat served to remind me how unaware I had become of both creating silence and breathing consciously.

I believe that these two practices can have a profound effect on creating peace amongst the craziness of our days.

Do you have any secrets for creating peace in your day? Feel free to share in the comments section.